About Contentgather

What We Are

Contentgather launched on November 1st, 2016, a spinoff from a a similar project from parent company, Royal Media, LLC. Contentgather is a website bringing together content writers and content buyers to exchange services and needs. Our writers can write articles, blog posts, press releases, product reviews, etc. in return for money from those who wish to buy this content to use for their own products or websites. Within just the first few weeks after launching, we amassed more than 500 premium articles from a diverse pool of writers and are growing at a steady pace.

Who We Are

Contentgather is owned and operated by parent company Royal Media, LLC. Royal Media is a company based out of South Carolina in the United States that has been specializing in online products and services for webmasters and writers for over 8 years. We have over 3 decades of combined experience in website administration and content writing services and consist of a dedicated team to support this website and your needs around the clock. We tend to put a unique spin on our ventures, with a strong focus on the specific needs of our end users. Our goal is to offer a service that is of value to you, no matter the reason you are here.

Where We're Going

With our initial launch, our primary focus will be on articles and content from a writer pool that we are building from the ground up. We have much grander plans and will ultimately expand Contentgather into a large and diverse marketplace for content that stretches far beyond simple articles, blog posts, etc. In addition to offering a selection of pre-written articles, we are also providing the ability for buyers to post custom jobs so that they can collect specific articles and content for their needs, which will also result in more (and higher) earning potential for our writers. Following the rollout of custom jobs, we do have plans for even greater and more unique offerings, but you will need to stay tuned for details at a later time. Thank you for taking the time to visit us, and if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!