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19 Jan

Writers: Set Your Minimum Working Rate

By Ryan 1 comments

If you've been around Contentgather a little while, you've probably noticed a recent uptick in the number of Custom Job offers that are coming through. This is fantastic news if you are a writer, as the opportunities for work are increasing. However, sometimes the "noise" from new postings can be a bit much, so much so that your email inbox might be overwhelmed. You can already configure how you receive notifications for new job offers via your Profile and Notification settings. Sometimes that's not enough though. So you're interested in Marketing, great. However, maybe you're not interest ...

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13 Jan

How To Write An Effective Product Review

By prowriter 2 comments

Product reviews act as a guide to consumers, especially those who are planning to buy something for the first time. They are growing to be more and more critical to securing a sale. According to a report by Mintel, 70% of consumers seek out reviews before making a purchase. The importance given to product reviews is undeniable. Getting this insight from people who have had some experience with a certain good helps in making informed decisions. Publishing an effective product review can significantly increase your likelihood of a sales, but, it’s important to unde ...

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8 Jan

Tips for Custom Jobs, Now Available

By Ryan 0 comments

We're happy to announce another new feature at Contentgather: the ability for buyers to send their writers a special percentage tip upon completion of a Custom Job. Sometimes writers really go above and beyond when filling a job request, but is a high rating enough to acknowledge their efforts? In the case that it is not, the buyer can send some more money to the writer upon completion, in addition to the payment for the job itself. As a buyer, when you approve a Custom Job, you are now given the option of adding a tip. The options are currently 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, and 50%. No tip is of course still an option in case you feel that the writer delivered but did not go above and beyond. Buyers, us ...

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29 Dec

Introducing Direct Hire Capability

By Ryan 8 comments

Do you need some content and don't want to run the risk of offering a job to hundreds of writers, unsure of who will accept your offer? Or maybe you're a writer and you need an easier way to tell somebody to hire you and not somebody else. Today at Contentgather, we are adding functionality to handle both scenarios. When viewing any writer's profile at Contentgather, you will now see a "Hire Me" button. Contentgather direct hire Click on that button, fill out the job details, and send your offer to the writer. The writer will have 5 days to accept or reject the offer. If he or she rejects the offer or does not respond within 5 days, the offer will ...

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26 Dec

7 Advantages to Freelance Writing

By Ryan 2 comments

Whether you're a veteran writer or somebody who has never been paid to write for others before, the advantages to freelance writing are numerous and will apply to just about anybody. It is a field of work that you can tailor specifically to your lifestyle with a computer alone. Maybe you have never found a paid writing gig before, or you're already a writer looking to expand your horizons, consider joining Contentgather today to enjoy all of the benefits listed below, plus more.

1 - Additional income

This should go without saying, but clearly one of the biggest benefits to freelance writing is the money! While this may be your primary source of inc ...

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20 Dec

Writers, time to show off your portfolio

By Ryan 1 comments

A s a freelance writer, you want everybody to know about you. You're proud of your work, and you want to show it off, right? You now have a way to do so at Contentgather. We have added public profiles for all Contentgather members that will include the information about yourself that you provide, along with your writer stats at Contentgather and a list of your articles that are currently for sale in our Marketplace. You now have the ability to do so, and you can find the public link to your profile in your Profile Settings. Your profile will be accessible next to any of your active listings, as a way for buyers to ...

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16 Dec

Advance Payment Program Update

By Ryan 2 comments

As we approach 500 articles approved in the Contentgather Marketplace since launch, we feel that it's time to scale back the advance payments that we are awarding writers when articles are approved for the Marketplace. We are scaling back towards a program that is more sustainable for the growth of Contentgather. We are currently awarding 20% advance payment to any Silver or above writers when their articles are approved for the Marketplace. This payment is sent immediately and available for withdrawal immediately. The remaining portion is paid once the article sells. As you might imagine, this can result in quite a negative cash flow for Contentgather for something that may take ...

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14 Dec

For Writers, The Holiday Season Can Be a Struggle

By Cheryl 0 comments

‘Tis the Season. We can feel it in the air – a growing excitement tinged with panic. Our fellow shoppers, with furrowed brows, are distracted from the outside world as they endeavor to get it all done. In traffic, tempers are shorter. This is a difficult time of year for many. Some are face to face, once again, with recurring family issues as we congregate in celebration. Some mark one more anniversary without loved ones we’ve lost. Some feel very much alone in a sea of holiday joy. Even those who otherwise enjoy the holidays may struggle with a ghost of inadequacy, always wanting to do more, and to do it better. As freelance writers, we are subject to any of these issues, but our biggest challen ...

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9 Dec

Content and How It Affects Your Presence Online

By Deejay 0 comments

A ccording to MarketingProfs, over 2 million articles are published online every day. Still, only a few articles and websites rise to the top in their respective niches. According to Chitika, an online marketing firm, 94% percent of users never go beyond the first page on a search engine while looking for information or products The digital marketing industry blossomed in the first half of this decade because organizations and individuals wanted to get their content to the relevant audience and build their presence. This may have been due to a variety of reasons: to increase readership, to attract new buyers, to go viral, or to be known as an authority figure in a certain n ...

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5 Dec

Referral Program Launch - Spread the word and get 5%

By Ryan 0 comments

We're launching our referral program today. The process is very straightforward. Tell all of your friends about Contentgather, whether writer or buyer, and you can receive 5% of all of their earnings or purchases. All that you need to do is send them your referral URL, and we'll handle the rest. You can access your Referral information in the sidebar on your Dashboard. On that page you will find your unique referral link and also a list of all clicks and conversions. We're working on some ad banners for your use as well, in case you would like to publish on any other w ...

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2 Dec

Changes to Writer Level Determination

By Ryan 3 comments

We have recently made some changes to the methodology behind Writer Levels at ContentGather, and we feel that it's appropriate to both explain what exactly this "Writer Level" is and what changes were made.

What is "Writer Level"?

As a ContentGather writer, your Writer Level is the quickest way to measure the value of your contributions to date. We base your Writer Level on the following factors: - Ratings that your content receives - The percentage of your content that is approved vs rejected - The number of your articles that were approved for the Marketplace - The number of sales that you have made (Marketplace or Custom Job) - The length of time that you have been a member at ContentGather These things together give ...

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