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6 Aug

New Cost Per Word Pricing Structure

By Ryan 0 comments

We are making a slight change to the pricing model today at Contentgather. As we approach two years since our initial launch, we have been placing an increased emphasis on seeking and securing talented writers at Contentgather. In doing so, we are increasing our prices to a level that better reflects the value that we offer. Our fees (20%) remain the same, however, the average cost for our content will increase slightly across the board. This will allow us to continue providing great content to our clients while maintaining our value proposition.

Marketplace Pricing Adjustments

When submitting content to the Marketplace as a writer, you have always been able to set your own price, within limits. As your writer level improves, you ...

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6 Mar

3 Ways to Make Money Online Without a Blog

By Hiren 0 comments

It may be the case that like many other people on the Internet, you too are wondering how you can make some quick cash online. Like many others, you may not be an active blogger and it seems like all the lucrative money-making jobs require a blog, doesn't it? ClickBank / Amazon Affiliate and such other programs seem like they aren't the best options for you. However, rest assured that there are plenty of other opportunities too. In this post, we will discuss three such ways of making money online. The best part is, none of them require you to have any specific skills/experience apart from accuracy and the willingness to work hard.

1. Transcription

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25 Oct

Your Online Presence Could Be the Foundation of Your Business

By Deejay 0 comments

According to Mr. SEO, a marketing firm, first page websites on Google receive 91% of all search engine clicks. And according to Chitika, another marketing firm, 94% users never even go beyond the first page of search engine results! Even on the first page, the very first link from the top receives 32.5% of the traffic while the second and third links receive 17.6% and 11.4% of the traffic respectively. Clearly, getting to the top of the front page is extremely important to drive traffic to your website and maintain a presence online. Also, perception-wise, users consider websites on the front page more relevant and authoritative than those buried deeper. So, how can one beat the competition and get ah ...

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26 Jul

These Tips Can Make Your Content Pop

By hannahwhiteoak 0 comments

Writing content is easy. Anyone can string together words to communicate information about a given subject. However, writing great content is a skill that few writers have.

What Makes a Skilled Writer Stand Out?

Fancy words aren’t the secret to fantastic content. While it’s true that the best writers have large vocabularies, peppering your posts with “axiomatic” and “propitious” isn’t going to make them memorable. It’s also not good grammar -- although that helps. Instead, what makes your content stand out is an “x factor.” It’s hard to explain precisely what this is, but readers know it when they see it. It’s what drives them to share content with their friends or act on its message. How can you g ...

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21 Jun

Top 5 Content Management Systems (CMS) of 2017

By Will Johnson 0 comments

Content management systems, or CMS for short, provide creators with a variety of resources to oversee their website. There are hundreds of CMSs on the market, so deciding on the right one can be a challenging task. To simplify the search, here are the top 5 CMSs of 2017.

#1 WordPress

WordPress is one of the most established CMSs on the market. With thousands of templates and themes to choose from, no two WordPress sites are alike. Although WordPress used to primarily power blogs, there are websites in all different fields that utilize the software today ...

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16 May

Adding Some Clarity to Custom Job Pay

By Ryan 0 comments

We're making some slight changes to Custom Job parameters today that we'd like to make you aware of, and we'd also provide a bit of clarification where there may be some confusion regarding word counts on Custom Jobs. First, some clarification on how Custom Job pay and word count ranges co-exist. Every Custom Job request at Contentgather is assigned a word count range, such as 300-400 words or 500-750 words. These are absolute maximum and minimums, and as a writer, you are required to enter content which is inside of that range. In addition to the word count range, a job is also assigned a total price and a price per word. Writers are paid the posted price for the job, minus Contentgather fees, regardless of how many words are submitted. ...

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21 Apr

Introducing Favorite and Blocked Users

By Ryan 0 comments

With transactions steadily increasing at Contentgather, our members are establishing relationships and getting to know one another. The problem is, there is not much available up to this point which allows you to distinguish those members you like vs those you do not! Today we are beginning to roll out some new functionality that will let you create your own lists of favorite users and blocked users. This will provide easy access to these users from your Account and will also encourage interaction with your favorites while outright prohibiting interaction with anybody who you block.

Favoriting Users

If you are a buyer at Contentgather, you can now "Favorite" any writer by clicking the Favorite butt ...

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23 Mar

Tools for Boosting Writer Productivity

By CatSword 0 comments

To be a successful writer at Contentgather, maintaining a good productivity rate is paramount. With all the distractions and pitfalls that are out there, it's easy to get caught off-guard and end up missing a deadline. Sometimes you might slop through an assignment in a rush, only to have it rejected. Thankfully, there are apps and software available for you to manage your productivity and ensure your work is high-quality.

OpenOffice has been among the top recommended free software for writers fo ...

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7 Mar

Guest Blogging Comes with Serious Benefits

By hannahwhiteoak 0 comments

Whether you are trying to promote a new startup or strengthen an established brand, guest blogging can be a highly beneficial part of your overall content marketing strategy. By publishing posts on blogs that are relevant to your business, you can extend the reach of your content and attract a whole new audience. Here are some of the key reasons you should include guest blogging as part of your strategy for promoting your brand online. And if you need any assistance generating the content for your guest posts, consider using Contentgather's content writing services to take care of that for you.

Boost Your Brand Image

Guest blogging ...

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22 Feb

How to Conquer Writer's Block

By thatswrite 5 comments

Writer’s block can seem insurmountable. Luckily, it does have tried-and-true remedies. So when you are at your wit’s end and cannot seem to put a decent sentence together, give yourself the opportunity to try a few of these exercises for jump-starting your writing.

One approach: abandon the idea that you must write well.

Creation, or the process of writing words on a previously blank paper, is the single hardest step of creating content. In contrast, editing will always be easier because it begins with preexisting material. Writing itself always predates critique, revision, and correction. Often, writer’s block stems from self-inflicted pressures. Wanting to start a piece the right way or fe ...

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