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21 Apr

Introducing Favorite and Blocked Users

By Ryan 0 comments

With transactions steadily increasing at Contentgather, our members are establishing relationships and getting to know one another. The problem is, there is not much available up to this point which allows you to distinguish those members you like vs those you do not! Today we are beginning to roll out some new functionality that will let you create your own lists of favorite users and blocked users. This will provide easy access to these users from your Account and will also encourage interaction with your favorites while outright prohibiting interaction with anybody who you block.

Favoriting Users

If you are a buyer at Contentgather, you can now "Favorite" any writer by clicking the Favorite butt ...

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23 Mar

Tools for Boosting Writer Productivity

By CatSword 0 comments

To be a successful writer at Contentgather, maintaining a good productivity rate is paramount. With all the distractions and pitfalls that are out there, it's easy to get caught off-guard and end up missing a deadline. Sometimes you might slop through an assignment in a rush, only to have it rejected. Thankfully, there are apps and software available for you to manage your productivity and ensure your work is high-quality.

OpenOffice has been among the top recommended free software for writers fo ...

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7 Mar

Guest Blogging Comes with Serious Benefits

By hannahwhiteoak 0 comments

Whether you are trying to promote a new startup or strengthen an established brand, guest blogging can be a highly beneficial part of your overall content marketing strategy. By publishing posts on blogs that are relevant to your business, you can extend the reach of your content and attract a whole new audience. Here are some of the key reasons you should include guest blogging as part of your strategy for promoting your brand online. And if you need any assistance generating the content for your guest posts, consider using Contentgather's content writing services to take care of that for you.

Boost Your Brand Image

Guest blogging ...

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22 Feb

How to Conquer Writer's Block

By thatswrite 5 comments

Writer’s block can seem insurmountable. Luckily, it does have tried-and-true remedies. So when you are at your wit’s end and cannot seem to put a decent sentence together, give yourself the opportunity to try a few of these exercises for jump-starting your writing.

One approach: abandon the idea that you must write well.

Creation, or the process of writing words on a previously blank paper, is the single hardest step of creating content. In contrast, editing will always be easier because it begins with preexisting material. Writing itself always predates critique, revision, and correction. Often, writer’s block stems from self-inflicted pressures. Wanting to start a piece the right way or fe ...

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13 Feb

Contentgather Sales History Made Public!

By Ryan 2 comments

So Contentgather is still relatively young, at just over 3 months of age now. Every now and then we are asked, "do you guys ever actually make sales?!" Whether from a potential writer or a buyer, this is a very valid question. Why waste your time here if you're not going to get any bites? In the interest of full disclosure, we are now going to make our recent sales history publicly visible, just so that you can see what kind of, and how much, content is passing through our books. For writers, maybe this provides some insight into what type of content sells and what buyers are looking for. It will also provide peace of mind that, yes, you can get sales here at Contentgather! For buyers, this will hopefully reflect that we are bus ...

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7 Feb

Leveraging Social Media Platforms for Business

By hannahwhiteoak 0 comments

Social media is a valuable tool for businesses looking to promote themselves online. However, with so many different social media platforms available, it can be difficult to come up with a social media strategy that leverages the particular features of each platform. Here are some tips for using the most popular social media platforms in a way that maximizes the benefits for your brand.

Recognize that Different Social Media Platforms Require Different Strategies

Each social media platform attracts a different set of users. Therefore, each one requires a different approach. You need to understand how your content is shared on each platform and the factors that influence how visible it is to different ...

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1 Feb

Common Grammatical Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By Ryan 0 comments

Let's face it – writing can be difficult. There are many grammatical mistakes that defeat writers time and time again. Grammar is tricky; its rules don't always seem logical. Even with meticulous editing, mistakes can easily slip by a writer. Here are a few of the most common and basic errors that you must avoid at all costs as a writer.

1. There vs Their vs They're

Many words look and sound extremely similar. This is the case with there, their, and they're. However, each of these words means something very different and should, therefore, be used differently. Here are examples of how each of these words should be used in a sentence.
The frog is over there.
Their frog was in th ...

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25 Jan

Introducing ELITE Writer Status

By Ryan 0 comments

Calling our best writers! As a truly excellent writer, making yourself stand out amongst the vast sea of other writers can sometimes be difficult. How do you truly represent your capabilities with a short bio or a few "star ratings?" Your experience, talent, work ethic, creativity, and background enable you to deliver only the best content in any situation, but others may not realize this. Furthermore, maybe you're already a seasoned writer, and you simply don't have the time, or motivation, to go through the extensive process to establish your reputation at Contentgather. It's not easy to move up the ranks at Contentgather. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time to do so. For some of you, yo ...

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19 Jan

Writers: Set Your Minimum Working Rate

By Ryan 0 comments

If you've been around Contentgather a little while, you've probably noticed a recent uptick in the number of Custom Job offers that are coming through. This is fantastic news if you are a writer, as the opportunities for work are increasing. However, sometimes the "noise" from new postings can be a bit much, so much so that your email inbox might be overwhelmed. You can already configure how you receive notifications for new job offers via your Profile and Notification settings. Sometimes that's not enough though. So you're interested in Marketing, great. However, maybe you're not interest ...

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13 Jan

How To Write An Effective Product Review

By prowriter 2 comments

Product reviews act as a guide to consumers, especially those who are planning to buy something for the first time. They are growing to be more and more critical to securing a sale. According to a report by Mintel, 70% of consumers seek out reviews before making a purchase. The importance given to product reviews is undeniable. Getting this insight from people who have had some experience with a certain good helps in making informed decisions. Publishing an effective product review can significantly increase your likelihood of a sales, but, it’s important to unde ...

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