3 Ways to Make Money Online Without a Blog

March 6th, by Hiren

3 Ways to Make Money Online Without a Blog
It may be the case that like many other people on the Internet, you too are wondering how you can make some quick cash online. Like many others, you may not be an active blogger and it seems like all the lucrative money-making jobs require a blog, doesn't it?

ClickBank / Amazon Affiliate and such other programs seem like they aren't the best options for you. However, rest assured that there are plenty of other opportunities too. In this post, we will discuss three such ways of making money online. The best part is, none of them require you to have any specific skills/experience apart from accuracy and the willingness to work hard.

1. Transcription

This job is especially suited for those who can type fast and have a quiet working environment. In transcription work, you type what you hear. The audio may be a group discussion, an interview, a casual chat among people, a telephone conversation, or even a single person's speech. Rev, Scribie, and CastingWords are all good places for finding transcription jobs.

When it comes to transcription, the pay rate for each order will usually be calculated according to the duration of that audio in minutes, not according to the amount of time that you took to transcribe that audio. One may start from about $0.1 per audio minute and move up from there. Many such transcription websites have their own individual style guide. Therefore, if you join a lot of them, it may become confusing to keep in mind the different conventions that they follow. Some conventions to be kept in mind during transcription work are about how to label speakers and how to indicate a period of silence/inaudible conversation. However, this is again an interesting learning opportunity for you like reviewing calls mentioned above, because by listening to the audio, you will get to hear interesting speeches and conversations. You will learn how people in other places discuss things with each other.

2. Microtasking

With microtasking, you take up work assignments which can usually be done completely online. These tasks rarely take more than a few minutes. Microworkers is an example of one such microtasking website which accepts users from almost every country. There is Amazon Mechanical Turk as well, but it currently does not allow workers from many countries. Apart from that, there is Clickworker, which is also another good option for microtasking.

Microworkers will make sure that the address you enter while applying is indeed your actual address. They will send you a printed letter at this address which will contain a special code that you will need to enter before you can make your first withdrawal from your earnings. It may take a few weeks for the letter to arrive. One of the biggest benefits of microtasking is that there is always a steady stream of microtasks available for you.

3. Reviewing Calls

Believe it or not, you can actually make money by listening to telephone calls made to and from famous brands in different domains, such as auto manufacturers, dentists, home services, etc. You can even learn many things by reviewing those calls because the conversations expose you to a lot of concepts in different industries which may be unknown to you.

Humanatic is one such company that pays you for reviewing calls. There is not much money to be made here. However, depending on the duration of the calls that you listen to as well as the category of calls that you choose to hear, you can expect to make a few dollars in a few hours. Humanatic pays weekly via PayPal. Be very careful with your accuracy, though, because in the case of calls which are not reviewed properly, you will not get any payment for that call and also you will be penalized twice that call's rate. There is a human-assisted dispute resolution mechanism should you need it.