7 Advantages to Freelance Writing

December 26th, by Ryan

7 Advantages to Freelance Writing
Whether you're a veteran writer or somebody who has never been paid to write for others before, the advantages to freelance writing are numerous and will apply to just about anybody. It is a field of work that you can tailor specifically to your lifestyle with a computer alone. Maybe you have never found a paid writing gig before, or you're already a writer looking to expand your horizons, consider joining Contentgather today to enjoy all of the benefits listed below, plus more.

1 - Additional income

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This should go without saying, but clearly one of the biggest benefits to freelance writing is the money! While this may be your primary source of income, for most freelance writers, their writing gigs are supplementary to another income source. Freelance writing can be performed independently of any other job or responsibility that you may have and will result in income that is just "icing on the cake". It can be just enough to pay your cable bill, or it could be enough to cover your mortgage payment. Regardless of the amount, this is money that you would otherwise not have.

2 - Regular work

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If anything in life is certain, it is that there will always be a need for written content. Businesses, large and small, often struggle to obtain or manage resources necessary to meet their demands for content creation, and their need for content will be ever-present. This becomes particularly true when you secure a client who you work well with. Find a client who is in constant need of content, and you will find a reliable stream of work coming your way. If or when that client moves on and is no longer in need of your services, there remain an almost infinite number of other clients out there in need of your services.

3 - Variety

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If you're the kind of person who does not like to do the same thing every day, freelance writing will have its appeal. While many people may look at freelance writing is tedious and tiresome, it doesn't have to be this way if you don't want it to. It is what you make it. As you search for writing gigs, you can choose to write on any topic that you choose, whether it is garage door repair or exotic birds in the Brazilian rainforest. Every day can be a new job, new topic, and new adventure for you if you wish. Don't believe us? Check out the Contentgather Marketplace to observe the variety of pre-written content supplied by Contentgather writers. Create your account today and start submitting articles about anything and everything that interests you.

4 - Work anywhere - even offline

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The only thing that you're going to need to fulfill your content demands is a computer. You'll need to find an internet connection when it's time to talk to clients or send your finished work, however, the majority of your work creating the content can be done offline. Whether at your grandparents' house in rural Idaho, in a cafe in Sicily, on a flight heading up, or on the beach with your toes in the sand, you can work anywhere as a freelance writer.

5 - Flexible schedule

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Ten minutes here, five minutes there - when and how long you work on your writing jobs is up to you and only you. This is great for somebody who has a busy or unpredictable schedule. Maybe you have to take the kids to the doctor in the morning and the grocery store and the bank in the afternoon. You can slot in your writing work during, around, or after any of your prior commitments. Maybe you need to take an entire week off for a business trip across the country. That is fine too! Your writing gigs will be there when you return, no matter when that is. As a writer, you will not find yourself stuck in a cubicle 8-5 Monday through Friday with little freedom to leave and take care of other pressing issues in your life.

6 - Be your own boss, no annoying coworkers

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Speaking of cubicles, forget the stressful or downright abusive office environment that you may know from prior (or current) job situations. If you wish to take your writing career to the next level, you can leave your current job entirely and leave those annoying coworkers behind with it. As a freelance writer, there is no boss hounding you with deadlines and no coworkers talking far too loudly over the phone and heating chili in the microwave that you can still smell after you get home. Maybe the only coworkers you have to worry about are the cat trying to sleep on your keyboard or the dog eating your cheese and crackers when you put said cat on the desk.

7 - Tax advantages

Tax credits

Your ability to deduct expenses while working from home varies greatly depending on your circumstances - your family/dependents, income level, job status, age, and home office setup, among others. The goods news is that if you are working as a freelance writer, you are likely able to take advantage of certain tax advantages as an independent contractor or self-employed individual. This may involve filing home internet as a business expense or even renting out a dedicated room as an office for your business purposes. It is best to consult your local tax code or a tax professional before adding any tax deductions to your return for your writing income.

We could go on and on listing more advantages to freelance writing, however, these are likely some that may appeal to you the most. Freelance writing certainly comes with its downsides, but the upsides are likely to win out if your lifestyle can take advantage of them. If you haven't tried freelance writing yet, it might be time to give it a shot. Join Contentgather today to start your freelance writing career or expand one that you may already have.

Tangu DEE

5 years ago

I should be honest to say that this is something new to me.One can tell the Freelance writing has many benefits that develop a person holistically and allows them to work at their own pace and not to forget mentioning that you can still do your work offline WOW!!!!!which is almost everyones worry when it comes to getting work done.I love this and many people need to learn about Freelance Writing.


5 years ago

Freelance writing just paid for the most beautiful tiles in my mum's home and holiday meals for 10 homeless people. The reason is simple: while a full time job pays for daily expenses, freelancing pays for "fulfillment" expenses- things that truly matter.