Adding Some Clarity to Custom Job Pay

May 16th, by Ryan

Adding Some Clarity to Custom Job Pay
We're making some slight changes to Custom Job parameters today that we'd like to make you aware of, and we'd also provide a bit of clarification where there may be some confusion regarding word counts on Custom Jobs.

First, some clarification on how Custom Job pay and word count ranges co-exist. Every Custom Job request at Contentgather is assigned a word count range, such as 300-400 words or 500-750 words. These are absolute maximum and minimums, and as a writer, you are required to enter content which is inside of that range. In addition to the word count range, a job is also assigned a total price and a price per word. Writers are paid the posted price for the job, minus Contentgather fees, regardless of how many words are submitted.

Example: Custom Job, 500 - 750 words, $15 price, $0.03 per word

In this example, the buyer is offering $15 for the content, and the content must be between 500 and 750 words. Regardless of whether the writer submits 500, 600, or 750 words, the pay will remain $15. It's when you introduce the published "price per word" where things can get confusing. If a writer submits 600 words and the published price per word is $0.03, then the total pay should be $18 (600 words * $0.03 per word), correct? That may seem to be the case, but that is not how we handle pay for Custom Jobs at Contentgather. Pay for Custom Jobs is always a fixed price ($15 in this example), regardless of the number of words submitted. The price per word that you see on a job listing is based on the low end of the word count range.

Hopefully the above example helps to clarify some questions that some of you have had regarding Custom Jobs, pay, and Price vs. Price per Word. If you still have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Moving onto what has actually changed today at Contentgather. While minimal, we would like to make you aware nonetheless. We have made some slight changes to the word count ranges that are allowed when submitting a Custom Job request. Previously, the word count ranges were a bit limiting at the low end, so we have added more ranges to improve granularity. This should allow clients to better hone in on the length they are expecting while also giving writers more manageable parameters.

Word Count Ranges

Prior RangesNew Ranges

With the existing ranges, a Custom Job could be submitted for 250-500 words with a price tag of $10 ($0.04 per word). The writer is paid regardless of whether 250 or 500 words submitted. If you are to submit 250 words, then you are indeed paid $0.04 per word. However, if you submit 500 words, you are still paid $10, but your price per word is cut in half - to $0.02 per word! The changes made today should certainly help to address this.

Happy Tuesday everybody!