Advance Payment Program Update

December 16th, by Ryan

Advance Payment Program Update
As we approach 500 articles approved in the Contentgather Marketplace since launch, we feel that it's time to scale back the advance payments that we are awarding writers when articles are approved for the Marketplace. We are scaling back towards a program that is more sustainable for the growth of Contentgather.

We are currently awarding 20% advance payment to any Silver or above writers when their articles are approved for the Marketplace. This payment is sent immediately and available for withdrawal immediately. The remaining portion is paid once the article sells. As you might imagine, this can result in quite a negative cash flow for Contentgather for something that may take quite some time to pay back.

New Advance Payment Program

Effective Saturday, December 17th, we will issue advance payment as follows:

Writer LevelAdvance PaymentMaximum Listings

The "Maximum Listings" column refers to the number of Active Marketplace listings that you currently own. If you are a Silver level writer, you will receive 5% advance payment on all approved listings until you reach 20 total listings. At that point, you are welcome to submit more articles, however, you will not receive advance payment for additional submissions. If your articles start to sell and you dip back below 20 active listings, you'll begin to receive advance payment again until you reach 20 active listings.

Why the change?

As mentioned previously, it is primarily to protect our cash flow. During our initial launch, advance payment has certainly been very generous. This is one of many tools that we have used to fill Contentgather quickly with great content. As we start to settle in, we're moving towards a model that will sustain us now and far into the future. We do feel that advance payment is a great benefit to our writers, and we do not want to get rid of it all together. Rather than do that, we're simply making modifications. Our intention with the advance payment is three-fold:

  • We want to encourage great content. This is why the advance payments get sweeter as your Writer Level increases.
  • Encourage the writer to submit content that will sell. Rather than submitting as much as possible, restrict advanced payment to a certain number of listings so that there is more emphasis on listing something with high probability of selling.
  • Compensate you for choosing Contentgather to list your content. We realize you could certainly list elsewhere, and this is an opportunity cost that you should be compensated for!

What to Expect Going Forward

We may very well be the only provider offering an advance payment platform such as this. We are proud to say that, and we would like to continue doing so. We cannot commit to keeping the above program forever, however, our goal is to make Contentgather the best place for writers to submit content. This means that we will do everything we can to keep sending advance payments your way, however we also need to maintain a strong platform that will support continuous growth.

Thank you to all of our writers for the phenomenal turnout at launch. We've had almost 1,000 articles submitted since we opened our doors just 6 weeks ago - really great work!


4 years ago

I figured a change would go into place eventually. Sort of hard to keep a positive cash flow if you are paying it all out :)


4 years ago

I trust that Content Gather will make a very good and profitably successful content-paying website. I hope to be a big part of that success. Good luck to everyone!