Changes to Writer Level Determination

December 2nd, by Ryan

Changes to Writer Level Determination
We have recently made some changes to the methodology behind Writer Levels at ContentGather, and we feel that it's appropriate to both explain what exactly this "Writer Level" is and what changes were made.

What is "Writer Level"?

As a ContentGather writer, your Writer Level is the quickest way to measure the value of your contributions to date. We base your Writer Level on the following factors:
- Ratings that your content receives
- The percentage of your content that is approved vs rejected
- The number of your articles that were approved for the Marketplace
- The number of sales that you have made (Marketplace or Custom Job)
- The length of time that you have been a member at ContentGather

These things together give us, and buyers, an idea as to what to expect out of your writing. Generally speaking, the more experience that you have at ContentGather, and the better feedback that you receive, the higher your Writer Level will be. Writer Levels are, in order from lowest to highest:
- Bronze
- Silver
- Gold
- Platinum
- Diamond

How does my Writer Level affect my ability to contribute?

As your Writer Level increases, you will benefit from the following:
- The ability to charge more per word for Marketplace articles
- Eligibility for advanced payment when Marketplace articles are approved
- You will qualify for more Custom Jobs when the buyers requires a minimum Writer Level
- Increased likelihood of selling Marketplace articles as potential buyers observe a higher author Writer Level
- More exposure and stronger reputation when being selected for direct hires in the future

Our goal is to assign the appropriate level to each writer based on their contribution, ultimately rewarding our writers who contribute the most value to ContentGather. We do not, however, wish to penalize any writer for participating and contributing valuable content, and we feel that even our entry level Bronze writers are given ample opportunity to succeed ContentGather.

What changed recently?

You may have noticed that your Writer Level recently changed even though your activity at ContentGather has not. What happened?! We've made some changes recently to the formula used to determine Writer Level to better achieve our goal of acknowledging valuable contribution. Our most recent changes were:

We introduced a new factor that is based on the number of your articles that have been approved in the Marketplace. You can work towards a higher Writer Level by submitting more articles to the Marketplace, but only if they are approved, of course. That said, the resulting impact that you may see is that your Writer Level dropped recently due to this change, even though your activity at ContentGather has not changed. Our goal here is to give a little bit more credit to a writer who, say, has fifteen articles approved in the Marketplace vs. a writer who only has three articles approved. Perhaps both of these writers have received the same average Content Rating and Approval Rate. Previously, they would both be assigned the same Writer Level. However, after observation, we feel that the writer with 15 approved articles should be rewarded with a higher level than the writer with three approved articles.

We have lowered the requirement to reach higher Writer Levels. Previously, it may have required an Approval Rate of 100% and average Content Rating of 8+ to achieve Gold level. We have dropped our requirements for each level, but only after introducing the new factor discussed previously (number of approved Marketplace articles). Our thought process here is that we feel that a writer who has submitted 10 articles with an average rating of 8 should be given a higher Writer Level than a writer who has only submitted one article with a rating of 8. The former writer has better proven their capabilities to ContentGather, however there is nothing stopping the latter from getting there as well.

What to expect going forward

We feel that this will forever be a fluid process, particularly early on. As we gather more information on our writers and transactions are made with buyers providing feedback, we do expect the process to determine Writer Level to change and improve. This is always with the ultimate goal in mind of acknowledging (and rewarding) those writers who we feel contribute the most value. As we do make changes, we will do our best to communicate them as best we can.

Thanks for reading, and shout out to our first blog post and 1 month (plus 1 day) anniversary!

Questions? Feedback? Drop a note below, and we'll get back to you shortly.


5 years ago

I will continue to submit regularly ONLY if my rating level is increased. I wish to be given that special privilege. Thank you and regards.

Ryan *** STAFF ***

5 years ago

Alexandoy, I actually think that you described the writer level well. It is indeed a *privilege*, one that is earned and not just given. We are pretty serious about grammar and content here at Contentgather, and only our best writers are going to qualify for higher levels. If you are able to represent excellence in grammar and content, your writer level will go up to show for it.


5 years ago

I actually think that you described the writer level well


4 years ago

How many writers do you currently have at each level? I recently moved up a level and I'm curious to know how I'm doing in comparison to the average on the site!

Ryan *** STAFF ***

4 years ago

hannahwhiteoak - The only place that we currently have those numbers displayed is on the page where clients submit new Custom Jobs. You can find that here:

You're currently in a....very.....exclusive pool! Of our 341 approved writers, you are one of two who have reached the Platinum level. These numbers are currently based on writers who have logged in within the last 6 months. Congratulations, and keep up the great work :)


4 years ago

Thanks for the reply, that's really interesting (and reassuring!).