How To Write An Effective Product Review

January 13th, by Edwardbilly

How To Write An Effective Product Review
Product reviews act as a guide to consumers, especially those who are planning to buy something for the first time. They are growing to be more and more critical to securing a sale. According to a report by Mintel, 70% of consumers seek out reviews before making a purchase. The importance given to product reviews is undeniable. Getting this insight from people who have had some experience with a certain good helps in making informed decisions. Publishing an effective product review can significantly increase your likelihood of a sales, but, it’s important to understand how to write an effective product review. The following is a breakdown of important tips that will help you review various products in the most effective and professional manner and what we like to follow when writing product reviews for our clients at Contentgather. If you would like to have us write a great product review for you, send in your request here. Writing is what we do!

How should you structure a good product review?

Reviewing a product involves listing its features and stating its strengths and weaknesses. You need to first define the features of the product, then compare and contrast the benefits or flaws that the buyer will draw from purchasing it. There are two types of product reviews:

Stand-alone review - This is a type of product review that focuses on the features of a single product. The product is put under scrutiny without comparing it to other similar items in the market.
Comparative review - This is a review that focuses on comparing a given item to similar ones in the market. Product features are compared to give readers or potential buyers a broader opinion of which item is more preferable to purchase.

Once you have identified the type of review you want to do, structure your review as follows:

  • Introduce the product - An introduction is meant to bring readers up to speed with what the product is all about, its uses, and who it’s meant for. A brief introduction will help first-time users form a clear picture of the item being reviewed. On the other hand, people who have used the item before will know more about its new features or common defects.
  • Compare the pros and cons - This part should include a list of features that a potential buyer may be seeking. It’s not easy to find a product that has no downside, so it’s crucial that you also outline the disadvantages.
  • Write a conclusion - A conclusion acts as a summary of the flaws and benefits of a product. Voice your opinion as to whether the product meets your expectations or the descriptions provided by the manufacturer. Let the readers know your view on the value for money they would get in purchasing the good.

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How do you avoid bias?

A product review is not supposed to sound like a sales pitch. It’s meant to be an independent opinion of the features of a given item, inclusive of the merits and demerits. Try to maintain a balanced point of view because bashing a product too much may discredit your opinions. You can provide viable solutions or suggestions on how the product can be improved. Such suggestions will make the reader feel that you have an honest opinion about the item. Talk of the things you liked about the product and what you did not like about it.

Which tone is appropriate for product reviews?

The way you present your points determines how much people will be interested in reading your reviews. The validity of your opinion will also be judged based on the language you use. One of the most important things is to know the kind of people you are addressing. Speak to the reader by letting them know how the item can meet their needs without exaggerating the facts. Do not make the review about yourself but rather focus on the needs of the reader. Avoid being excessively positive about the item you are reviewing because this may make readers question your validity.

What are the details to include in a product review?

People mostly read product reviews to know more about a product and to get the opinion of other consumers. Some of the things you should include in a product review include:
  • Price comparisons
  • Key features
  • Expert opinions
  • Alternative solutions
  • Firsthand experience with the product
  • Pros and cons

You should not leave out any detail that can influence the decision of the consumer no matter how small it may seem to you. Provide enough information so that the reader will have a lot of information to help them make the right decision.

What does a detailed review entail?

The difference between a shallow and informed product review lies in the research. You need to get enough details about the item you want to review before you write anything down. Once you have all the facts in place, then you can go ahead and give your honest opinion.

Hopefully, these tips will give you a good starting point to write an effective product review. If you still have uncertainty and are interested in having a qualified writer help you write the perfect product review, consider submitting a request for one here at Contentgather.


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