Introducing ELITE Writer Status

January 25th, by Ryan

Introducing ELITE Writer Status
Calling our best writers! As a truly excellent writer, making yourself stand out amongst the vast sea of other writers can sometimes be difficult. How do you truly represent your capabilities with a short bio or a few "star ratings?" Your experience, talent, work ethic, creativity, and background enable you to deliver only the best content in any situation, but others may not realize this. Furthermore, maybe you're already a seasoned writer, and you simply don't have the time, or motivation, to go through the extensive process to establish your reputation at Contentgather. It's not easy to move up the ranks at Contentgather. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time to do so. For some of you, you should be able to prove yourself through other avenues and move up those ranks quickly - rather than only after an extended period of time. You already have a well-established presence on the internet. How can you transfer that to Contentgather?

Today we are beginning the process of identifying the truly Elite writers at Contentgather. Our criteria will be simple. We want to tag writers who are both native English speakers and also possess extremely strong writing ability. Our aim is for this new category to identify the top 5% of our writers at Contentgather, who are ultimately going to be the top 1% of all writers out there. Once labeled Elite, you will receive special recognition at Contentgather and will also be among a select pool of writers who will be the target of the highest paying work.

How does one become an Elite writer?

The process of identifying and selecting Elite writers will be a manual process. In some scenarios, Contentgather staff will simply label writers as Elite as we see fit. This will likely be rare. Most writers will need to send special requests, or applications, to request Elite status. We will review your application and request more information as necessary. If we decline your application, you may reapply in 6 months.

Application Process

NOTE: Elite status is only available to native English writers who currently live in the US, UK, or Canada.
  • Send an email to us at [email protected]
  • You should indicate in your email that you wish to apply for Elite status. Include any necessary background and credentials. Please do not send writing samples. If we require writing samples, we will request them separately.
  • We will respond and request additional information if we feel necessary. We may require more information on your background, additional writing samples, photo identification, and phone/contact verification
  • If you have little reputation at Contentgather, we will likely require writing samples. These will need to be new articles that you write on specific topics that we provide. This content will be yours to keep, but it will need to be written specifically for the Elite application to ensure that they are truly yours and were not taken from elsewhere.
  • Once we come to a decision, we will inform you as to whether you have been accepted or declined. If declined, you may apply again in 6 months

We cannot place a timetable on processing your Elite application. We will process them as quickly as possible but will also be very thorough in doing so.

How to Identify Elite Status / Benefits of Elite

The Elite label will be prominently displayed below a writer's current ratings and writer level:

Contentgather elite writer

If this ELITE label shows on your profile, congratulations! If it's not there and you think that you have what it takes, feel free to apply, following the instructions above.

Elite Benefits

  • ELITE label on your profile - giving buyers extreme confidence in your ability
  • Membership in an exclusive pool for Custom Job requests. When submitting a Custom Job, buyers can restrict to current writer levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond). In addition to writer levels, they will also be able to only make the job available to Elite writers. The minimum rate when sending to Elite writers will be industry-leading $0.10 per word.
  • A significant boost to your current writer level. By simply receiving the Elite label at Contentgather, your writer level is likely to increase 1 or 2 times from where it started. If you're currently a Silver writer, you will be bumped to Gold or Platinum just by obtaining the Elite level.

We will likely add or modify benefits in the future. However, this will be the immediate impact. Please note that once you do gain the Elite label in these initial stages, you may not see the immediate impact/benefits while we are still building our pool of Elite writers. We will wait until we have a certain number of Elite writers before we actually unveil the labels and other functionality mentioned in "Elite Benefits."

For those of you who are unable to obtain the Elite status, there is absolutely no reason to worry. Keep in mind that it is reserved for the top 1% of all writers. Not making the top 1% is not going to hinder your earning ability at Contentgather. This Elite label is only intended to serve potential Contentgather clients who would otherwise turn down Contentgather because we did not offer easy access to only the best writers. It will come with a hefty price tag, thus we anticipate the vast majority of work to come through non-Elite tiers.

As always...questions, concerns, feedback....please send our way!