Introducing Favorite and Blocked Users

April 21st, by Ryan

Introducing Favorite and Blocked Users
With transactions steadily increasing at Contentgather, our members are establishing relationships and getting to know one another. The problem is, there is not much available up to this point which allows you to distinguish those members you like vs those you do not!

Today we are beginning to roll out some new functionality that will let you create your own lists of favorite users and blocked users. This will provide easy access to these users from your Account and will also encourage interaction with your favorites while outright prohibiting interaction with anybody who you block.

Favoriting Users

If you are a buyer at Contentgather, you can now "Favorite" any writer by clicking the Favorite button from the writer's profile. What this will do is add them to your own list of Favorite Writers in your account, providing easy access should you wish to send Direct Hire requests in the future.

While not available today, we do intend to add the ability for you to organize your Favorite writers into separate lists for easier management and access. Once separated into lists, you will have the option to send Custom Job requests to any of your personal groups of writers - rather than to our general pools or individual writers as you can with a Direct Hire.

Blocking Users

Whether you are a buyer or a writer, you can block any other user at Contentgather. You may do so by clicking the Block button on the user's profile page.

If you are a buyer, blocking a writer will prevent that writer from claiming any Custom Job requests that you submit, and you will also not see any of their content listed for sale in the Marketplace.

If you are a writer, blocking a buyer will prevent you from seeing any Custom Jobs submitted by that buyer, and of course also not receiving any notifications from them as well.

While most transactions thus far at Contentgather have generated positive feedback, not all have. We're all human, and sometimes some personalities or work ethics just don't match. We want to ensure that your experience at Contentgather is as pleasurable as possible, and we feel that this is another positive step in that direction.