New Cost Per Word Pricing Structure

April 6th, by Ryan

New Cost Per Word Pricing Structure
We are making a slight change to the pricing model today at Contentgather. As we approach two years since our initial launch, we have been placing an increased emphasis on seeking and securing talented writers at Contentgather. In doing so, we are increasing our prices to a level that better reflects the value that we offer. Our fees (20%) remain the same, however, the average cost for our content will increase slightly across the board. This will allow us to continue providing great content to our clients while maintaining our value proposition.

Marketplace Pricing Adjustments

When submitting content to the Marketplace as a writer, you have always been able to set your own price, within limits. As your writer level improves, you can demand higher prices for your content in the Marketplace. The folllowing changes are now being made to the maximum prices by writer level in the Marketplace.

Updated June 22, 2020

Writer LevelOld Marketplace MaximimNew Marketplace Maximim

Custom Job Pricing Adjustments

When submitting a Custom Job request, a client selects the writer level to send the job(s) to and is then bound by certain pricing minimums based on that writer level. The changes to these minimum prices for Custom Jobs are listed below.

Writer LevelOld Custom Job MinimumNew Custom Job Minimum

All of the changes above are effective immediately. We hope that these changes are welcomed by writers and clients alike. If you have any questions or concerns about the changes being made, we welcome your feedback. Thank you for your time, and thank you for making Contentgather a great place to exchange words!

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