Tips for Custom Jobs, Now Available

January 8th, by Ryan

Tips for Custom Jobs, Now Available
We're happy to announce another new feature at Contentgather: the ability for buyers to send their writers a special percentage tip upon completion of a Custom Job. Sometimes writers really go above and beyond when filling a job request, but is a high rating enough to acknowledge their efforts? In the case that it is not, the buyer can send some more money to the writer upon completion, in addition to the payment for the job itself.

As a buyer, when you approve a Custom Job, you are now given the option of adding a tip. The options are currently 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, and 50%. No tip is of course still an option in case you feel that the writer delivered but did not go above and beyond.

Buyers, use this as a way to say thank you for those stellar submissions. You may also find it beneficial to incentivize writers in your job description, promising tips if certain criteria are met, such as:
  • Fulfill job within 3 hours for a 10% tip
  • Include links to external sources/case studies for an additional tip
  • Submit text at the upper end of the word count range for a tip
  • etc.

We hope that both writers and buyers alike will find this beneficial.

As you may have not heard from us yet this year, we hope that everybody is off to a great 2017 thus far!