Writers, time to show off your portfolio

December 20th, by Ryan

Writers, time to show off your portfolio

A s a freelance writer, you want everybody to know about you. You're proud of your work, and you want to show it off, right? You now have a way to do so at Contentgather. We have added public profiles for all Contentgather members that will include the information about yourself that you provide, along with your writer stats at Contentgather and a list of your articles that are currently for sale in our Marketplace. You now have the ability to do so, and you can find the public link to your profile in your Profile Settings. Your profile will be accessible next to any of your active listings, as a way for buyers to spot an article they like and click your name to see what else you may have for sale.

Gain Referrals Promoting Your Own Name

How would you like for us to pay you to promote yourself? Because we will! Go to your Referrals page, and you will find a special link that goes directly to your portfolio/profile. Whenever somebody clicks on that link and decides to join, they will become your referral. You'll receive 5% on everything that they purchase, even if it is another writer's!

Now, time to go brag on yourself!


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