Writers: Set Your Minimum Working Rate

January 19th, by Ryan

Writers: Set Your Minimum Working Rate
If you've been around Contentgather a little while, you've probably noticed a recent uptick in the number of Custom Job offers that are coming through. This is fantastic news if you are a writer, as the opportunities for work are increasing. However, sometimes the "noise" from new postings can be a bit much, so much so that your email inbox might be overwhelmed. You can already configure how you receive notifications for new job offers via your Profile and Notification settings. Sometimes that's not enough though. So you're interested in Marketing, great. However, maybe you're not interested in all of those job offers for only $0.01/word. What if you are only interested in jobs that are offering at least $0.02/word.

Starting today, all Contentgather writers can configure a minimum rate that they are willing to work for on any writing gig. You can access this from your Dashboard by clicking on Preferences on the left.

Minimum content writing rate

There you will find a dropdown for Minimum Price Per Word. Whatever amount you select will be the minimum rate required before you receive any sort of notification for new jobs or direct hire requests. If a new Custom Job is posted under your minimum rate, you will not receive email notification, and you will not see the job listing on the Contentgather website. Additionally, if a buyer would like to send you a Direct Hire offer, they may only do so by offering at least your minimum rate. This minimum rate is visible on all writer profile pages as well.

We hope that this helps cut down the clutter for those of you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Any questions, concerns, feedback - let us know!