Contentgather Receives a Makeover

September 18th, by Ryan

Contentgather Receives a Makeover

Welcome to the new Contentgather!

Those of you who visit frequently will notice that things look a bit different around here. Contentgather has a new look today - offering a more attractive, faster, and easier to use experience.

Why did we do this?

We didn't do this only to make things look better. While that is certainly a nice benefit, our primary motivation here was to update our core infrastructure to make way for future changes. With today's update, the Contentgather platform is in a great spot for new features and enhancements that we have long-desired but found difficult to achieve with the previous website.

We have a lot of exciting new features planned for the future, but we won't cover those just yet. We'd like to go over what has changed today. While most of the processes and functionality remain the same with our new design, there are a few things that have changed, effective today. Those are as follows:


Log in with email address

You will now be expected to log into your Contentgather account with your email address, not your username.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is now an available option for those of you who like that added security. This is not SMS authentication, but true app authentication and will work with most popular authenticator apps. Go here to enable two-factor authentication.

Username can be changed

You can now change your username on your own, as you wish. Since usernames are no longer used to log in, they can be changed without impacting your account access. You can change your username here.

Account type either writer or buyer

There are generally two types of users at Contentgather: writers and buyers. The previous website let you configure your account to be writer, buyer, or both. The "both" option has been removed, and you'll be prompted to specify your account type the first time you log into the new site. You can change your account type back and forth whenever you'd like, if you have a desire to see the world from the other side.


New minimum transaction amount without fee

The minimum PayPal transaction amount without a fee has been changed from $10 to $20. Any PayPal transaction that is less than $20, whether that's a buyer purchase or writer payment, will incur a fee. That fee remains $0.50, just as it has been.

Eiminated minimum amount for payment request

Previously, all payment requests must be at least $5. There no longer is a minimum. You can request a $1.00 payment if you'd like.

Maximum advanced payment amount

Advanced payments on Marketplace approval now max out at $15.00 per article.


Writer guide published

We have a new (and our first) official Writer Guide. This is a must-read for all Contentgather writers. Not only will it offer advice on how to improve your writing, but it will help you increase your Contentgather rating and avoid penalties or suspension.

Description on initial submission

You may now provide your article description when you submit your article for approval in the Marketplace. You don't have to wait and come back after the article has been approved to fill in the description.

Increased maximum word count for Marketplace content

The maximum word count for Marketplace articles has been increased from 2000 to 2500 words.

Custom Jobs

Increased time allowed for writer to complete Custom Job

Rather than allow 8 hours for all jobs, regardless of length, the time window for your initial submission is now:
8 hours for jobs under 1000 words
16 hours for jobs 1000 - 2000 words
24 hours for jobs over 2000 words

Easier and more open communication for Custom Jobs

Sending the writer/buyer a message inside of a Custom Job will no longer automatically assign the job to that person. You can now communicate back and forth without re-assigning the job.


Writer account ratings (content score, approval rate, transactions complete, and account age) are now displayed on a full 0-100 scale rather than 0-5 stars.

That covers the more significant changes that we have made that are effective immediately. You may notice a few other changes as you browse around, but they're probably not worth covering here.

We hope you like the changes! Let us know what you think below, or if you have any suggestions for future changes, we'd love to hear those as well. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, we have many more exciting features coming in the future.