Introducing Marketplace Alerts for Buyers

October 6th, by Ryan

Introducing Marketplace Alerts for Buyers
We're excited to introduce Marketplace Alerts today for our Contentgather buyers. Never miss another new Marketplace listing again!

Searching and sorting through the Contentgather Marketplace for pre-written articles is understandably daunting. There are so many articles and categories, and new articles are listed daily. For buyers looking for a steady stream of content, it is laborious to repeatedly crawl through our Marketplace to look for new stuff.

Today, this became a bit easier with the new ability to set up your own personal alerts when new articles are listed that match your criteria. These alerts are incredibly flexible and allow you to do the following:

Define any number of alerts that are sent:

  • Instantly - as soon as the article is listed

  • Daily - once a day with all new articles matching your alert

  • Weekly - once a week with all new articles matching your alert

Rather list all of the criteria that you can include with your alert, I'll simply include a screenshot below. Each alert that you set up will support any of the criteria below. Here's an example:

Contentgather Marketplace Alert

In this example, we're configuring an alert to send once a daily to include any new articles that match the following criteria:

  • Contains the word "cryptocurrency"

  • Has a staff rating of at least 6

  • Priced less than $0.12 per word

  • Is between 650 and 1900 words in length

You can see that the alerts are quite flexible. Our intention is for the configuration to support anything you might be interested in.

No more coming back to check for new articles every day. They'll just show up in your inbox!

Hopefully many of you find this beneficial and saves some of your precious time. Let us know if you have any questions or what you think about the new functionality.