Contentgather Sales History Made Public!

By Ryan 2 comments

So Contentgather is still relatively young, at just over 3 months of age now. Every now and then we are asked, "do you guys ever actually make sales?!" Whether from a potential writer or a buyer, this is a very valid question. Why waste your time here if you're not going to get any bites?

In the interest of full disclosure, we are now going to make our recent sales history publicly visible, just so that you can see what kind of, and how much, content is passing through our books. For writers, maybe this provides some insight into what type of content sells and what buyers are looking for. It will also provide peace of mind that, yes, you can get sales here at Contentgather! For buyers, this will hopefully reflect that we are busy at work here and are working around the clock for you and others.

In the future we'll add statistics showing you things such as top categories and average selling price, but for now we're simply gathering data. We'd like to have a large amount of data before attempting to draw conclusions from it.

So without further ado, Click Here to See Contentgather Sales