Introducing Direct Hire Capability

By Ryan 8 comments

Do you need some content and don't want to run the risk of offering a job to hundreds of writers, unsure of who will accept your offer? Or maybe you're a writer and you need an easier way to tell somebody to hire you and not somebody else. Today at Contentgather, we are adding functionality to handle both scenarios. When viewing any writer's profile at Contentgather, you will now see a "Hire Me" button.

Contentgather direct hire

Click on that button, fill out the job details, and send your offer to the writer. The writer will have 5 days to accept or reject the offer. If he or she rejects the offer or does not respond within 5 days, the offer will either be canceled or will be made available to other writers. As a buyer making the offer, you specify what we should do with it if rejected or no response is received within 5 days.

Buyers, go out there and hire your favorite writers, and writers, remember to share your portfolio link and receive 5% referral bonus for anybody who signs up!