Frequently Asked Questions - Writers


What are the requirements to write for Contentgather?

In order to write at Contentgather, you must be at least 16 years of age and English speaking. You are not required to live in an English speaking country, but you must have a very strong grasp of the English language. You will also need a PayPal account, as this is the only method of payment that we offer. All content that you submit must be 100% original and not found or listed for sale anywhere else.

How do I earn money as a Contentgather writer?

There are currently 2 ways that you can earn money as a writer at Contentgather:

  • Pre-written Content: Submit your own articles on a wide variety of subjects (your choice), and list them for sale in our Marketplace. Buyers can browse through articles listed in the Marketplace and purchase any that appeal to them.
  • Custom Jobs: Wait for a buyer to come in and submit a Custom Job, which is a specific request for the type of content that they need. If you meet their requirements and are interested in the job and price that they offer, you may claim that job, fulfill it, and receive payment when complete.

We will reveal more earning opportunities in the future as well!

Is there a limit to how much I can write?

There is absolutely no limit to how much you can write or how many articles you can list at Contentgather.

Pre-Written / Marketplace Content

What is the process like to submit an article to the Marketplace?

  • You may go here to submit your article. The minimum word count is 250, and the maximum is 1500.
  • Once you submit your article, it will be sent to Contentgather staff for review. We will either approve it, reject it, or return it to you for editing.
  • If your article is approved, it will listed for sale immediately, and you will also receive advance payment for the article, before it sells.
  • If your article is rejected, you will not be able to re-submit the article for consideration. You are welcome to submit other articles, but you will not be able to submit an article that has previously been rejected.
  • If your article is returned for edit, then you will receive feedback from us as to what we would like for you to change. You can make the changes and submit for another review. We will then review again and approve/reject/return for edit just as before. If your article is returned for edit a second time, you only have one more opportunity to fix it before it is rejected permanently.
  • Once your article is listed for sale, it must remain exclusive to Contentgather. If at any time you wish to retain ownership of the article, you may remove it from the Marketplace at any time and maintain ownership. You may only do this if it has not sold.

Do you have any advice for the type of content that I should submit to the Marketplace?

  • When generating ideas for content, put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Your potential buyers cannot see the full contents of your article. They can see the title, category, a few sentences as a sample, and a description that you will provide later. Reduce the element of surprise by carefully titling and categorizing your article. If the content of your article is very specific or highly targeted, your title should reflect that.
  • Avoid the use of first person accounts. We will accept some usage but are not likely to accept content that is heavily based in first person.
  • Fictional accounts or stories are not very marketable and very rarely approved for the Marketplace.
  • Avoid opinions or bias in your articles, such as "I think that" or "I believe". If you do include these statements, follow them with explanation, reasoning, or evidence.
  • Time sensitive content, primarily current news/events, can be difficult to sell in the Marketplace. When you list an article in the Marketplace, there is no guarantee when it will sell. It could sell immediately, or it could sell 6 months after you list it. If you write an article based on a current event that may only be relevant for a few weeks, you run the risk of your article becoming irrelevant very soon. Content about current events is best suited for Custom Jobs, and not the Marketplace.
  • Do not add sentences or words just for the sake of padding word count. If what you would like to include does not add value, then it is not worth including. The best articles keep the reader engaged throughout, and you are unable to do this if you are rambling or repeating the same thought over and over. By reducing "fluff", you will write less (shorter articles) and demand a higher price in the process.

How does your advance payment process work?

If you are a Silver level writer or higher, you will receive advance payment for any Marketplace article that is approved. This advance payment is sent to you as soon as your article is approved, before it sells! This money is yours to keep. If you later decide to remove that article from the Marketplace and it has not sold, you may do so, however you will forfeit the advance payment that you were previously given. The table below illustrates how much the advance payment is based on your writer level.

Writer Level Advance Payment (% of Article Price) Maximum Listings
Bronze 0% N/A
Silver 5% 20
Gold 7% 25
Platinum 10% 30
Diamond 15% 50

"Maximum Listings" refers to the maximum number of active Marketplace listings that you can have which will award advance payments. As a Silver writer, you may have 20 active Marketplace listings that will provide advance payment. This means that you will receive 5% advance payment for each of your first 20 approved listings. You are welcome to submit more than 20 listings as a Silver writer, however you will not receive advance payment for anything past 20. As your articles sell and your listings drop below 20, you will begin to receive advance payments again until you reach 20 active listings.

If I have an article for sale in the Marketplace, can I also list it for sell at another website?

No, you may not list your article for sale at Contentgather and another website at the same time. If you have an article listed for sale in the Contentgather Marketplace, it must not be available for sale anywhere else. If you wish to sell it elsewhere, you must deactivate your listing at Contentgather first.

Custom Jobs

What is a Custom Job?

If one of our buyers has specific needs for content, they can submit their own request as a 'Custom Job' at Contentgather. When doing so, they will clearly define what they are looking for and any eligible writer may claim the job, fulfill it, and receive payment for the listed job price.

Where can I view currently available Custom Jobs?

All Custom Jobs that are currently available for you to claim will be listed here

What happens after I claim a Custom Job?
  • Once you claim a Custom Job, you will be given 8 hours to submit the article to the buyer for review. If you do not submit within 8 hours, you will forfeit the job, and it will be returned to other writers to claim.
  • Once you submit your content for the job, the buyer will have 72 hours review the content and either Approve, Reject, or request that changes be made. You will have an open and direct line of communication with the buyer from start to completion.
  • Once the buyer Approves or Rejects the article, both you and the buyer will be given the opportunity to rate each other based on your experience and work ethic.
  • You will only receive payment once the buyer Approves your content.

Rating and Writer Level

How is my rating determined?

Your Overall Rating is determined based on four different measurements, all ratings themselves: Content Rating, Approval Rating, Transactions Complete, and Account Age. Your Overall Rating is the average of these four individual ratings. The individual ratings are calculated as follows:

  • Content Rating: This is the average of all ratings that you receive for your articles, whether in the Marketplace or Custom Jobs. All ratings from the Marketplace are used in this average, from the initial Staff Rating to the rating that the buyer gives the article after purchase. If your article is returned for edit by the Staff Editor, the rating that it is assigned when returned for edit will be included in your average, in addition to the rating that it receives when it is approved or rejected by the editor. If you have received more than 25 ratings, only the most recent 25 will be included in your average.
  • Approval Rate: The percentage of Marketplace articles and Custom Jobs approved vs those that are rejected. Only the final decision on an article (Approved or Rejected) is considered. Any Edit Requests that are made will not be included in your Approval Rating. If you have more than 25 articles, only the most recent 25 will be included in your Approval Rate.
  • Transactions Complete: The number of Marketplace or Custom Job articles sold and accepted by the buyer. The progression from 0 to 10 Transactions Complete rating is as follows:
    • 1 / 10: 5 transactions
    • 2 / 10: 10 transactions
    • 3 / 10: 15 transactions
    • 4 / 10: 25 transactions
    • 5 / 10: 50 transactions
    • 6 / 10: 75 transactions
    • 7 / 10: 100 transactions
    • 8 / 10: 125 transactions
    • 9 / 10: 150 transactions
    • 10 / 10: 200 transactions
  • Account Age: The length of time since creating your Contentgather account. Your Account Age rating will progress as follows:
    • 1 / 10: 1 month
    • 2 / 10: 3 months
    • 3 / 10: 6 months
    • 4 / 10: 12 months
    • 5 / 10: 18 months
    • 6 / 10: 24 months
    • 7 / 10: 30 months
    • 8 / 10: 40 months
    • 9 / 10: 50 months
    • 10 / 10: 60 months
How are writer levels determined?

You are given an Overall Rating based on the factors discussed in the previous question. That rating is then used to determine your level, from lowest to highest: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond. The higher your level, the more you will be allowed to charge for articles, and the more likely you will be selected for high paying custom jobs.

What can I do to ensure higher ratings for my content?

    Content ratings are admittedly subjective and sometimes up to the eye of the beholder. That said, here are the 3 things that you should focus on to set your content apart:

  • Spelling and Grammar: This should be self-explanatory, however, the fewer spelling or grammatical that your content contains, the better your rating is likely to be. You should never submit text to Contentgather without first proof-reading it first and sending it through some form of grammar and spellchecker.
  • Content: "where content matters" - our very own slogan at Contentgather. We place a lot of emphasis on content here. Content is not just spelling correctly or including cohesive thoughts. Good content is all about what you are saying. What makes it stand apart from others? Are you providing a new or unique spin on your topic, or are you recycling the same thoughts as thousands of others before you? When writing about a topic, try to make it very interesting or thought-provoking and not just the same thoughts or ideas, a laborious read for your reader. Write something that is compelling and really grabs the interest of the reader. It should be something that makes them want to read to the very end and not abandon early.
  • Delivery / "X-Factor": This one is even more subjective than the former. While the former, content, is all about what you say, Delivery/X-Factor is more about how you say it. Write engaging content. Use catchy hooks, metaphors, and real world statistics or case-studies. Create valuable lists that the reader can very quickly recognize and act upon. Structure your article so that it's easy for the reader to understand where they are and where they are going. Use excellent intros, transitions, and conclusions. Your article should be cohesive and share a common theme rather than be a jack of all trades. When the reader finishes, you want him or her to enjoy the read so much that they're putting together a list of friends to share it with.

Payment / After the Sale

How much will I be paid?
  • Marketplace: When one of your pre-written articles sells in the Marketplace, you will immediately receive your asking price minus a 20% Contentgather fee.
  • Custom Jobs: Once the buyer approves your submission, you will receive the price listed on the job, minus a 20% Contentgather fee.
How do I receive my money for articles sold?

Whenever your account balance reaches $5, you are eligible to request payment via PayPal. Once you submit your request, it will take up to 24 hours before it is processed and you receive payment. Please reference our "Payment Terms" on this page for more information.

What kind of fees will I pay as a writer?

There are 2 scenarios where you may pay fees:

  • Contentgather will take a 20% fee on all Marketplace or Custom Job transactions. This 20% comes out of the asking price, and you will then receive the rest.
  • You will be charged a $0.50 fee for any payment request that is less than $10. Payment requests that are greater than $10 will not incur a fee.

Do I retain any rights to my content after it sells?

You do not retain any ownership rights to articles that you sell, whether via the Marketplace or a Custom Job. The buyer retains full rights to modify the content in any way, remove credit to your name, and even claim as their own.

What happens if a buyer is not satisfied with my article after they purchase it?

Once your article is approved by Contentgather staff and listed at the Marketplace, you are guaranteed payment when it sells. If a buyer purchases your article and is unhappy with it, they are not eligible to return it or receive a refund. This is something that they agree to before completing their purchase.