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We sell a variety of content such as articles, blog posts, about pages, product reviews, and press releases for you to use on your website. We offer our content primarily through two different means: Pre-written Content or Custom Content.

Pre-written Content consists of articles that our writers have created and listed at Contentgather on different subjects and are selling as-is for a set price. Each of these articles has been proofed and edited by a Contentgather editor and deemed to be valuable and 100% unique (Copyscape verified). This content is ready for you to purchase and download immediately. You can find our pre-written content in the Marketplace.

Custom Content is available to you via the option of creating a Custom Job at Contentgather. With a Custom Job, you can outline specifically what kind and how much content you need, and then our qualified writers will be able to review your listing and claim the job if they are the right fit. At that point, you will have a direct line of communication with the writer(s) so that you can work towards exactly what you need. You can get started with our custom content writing services here.

We hold our writers to high standards at Contentgather, and we place heavy emphasis on more than just grammar alone. Some content writing services emphasize grammar but don't pay much attention to the content itself or the value that it delivers. Some are only concerned with SEO and keyword stuffing.

We can provide SEO content if that's what you need, but we can also go beyond just SEO. We focus on content that your visitors actually want to read. Interestingly enough, search engines like Google are getting smart and are prioritizing this themselves. They track your visitors and like content that keeps your visitors on your website, reading more. To do this, you need content that matters.

All content offered by Contentgather has been reviewed by a qualified editor and deemed to contain both a high level of grammar and meaningful information. We do not require or expect flawless grammar in all content that we offer, and by making some compromises, we can offer content that not only your readers like, but your wallet does as well.

We place emphasis on automation and efficiency at Contentgather. Our writers are real, of course, but our website is streamlined to eliminate human intervention as much as possible.

We have proprietary processes and algorithms to match your content requests with vetted writers from our large pool. Those writers have all the tools available to them at Contentgather to complete work without involving our staff.

We are always on standby should you need us, but our goal is for Contentgather to serve as a self-service platform that you visit and use as you demand, not on a fixed or stringent schedule that we monitor.

If you need hand-holding or a personal account representative to develop a content strategy, Contentgather might not be for you! Come to us when you know what kind of content you want, and we will get you that content at a price that cannot be beat.

Pre-Written / Marketplace Content

The writer of each article chooses how much to charge for that article, on a per-word basis. Writers are allowed to charge whatever they would like, up to a certain maximum based on their overall rating. Contentgather staff does not decide on a price or intervene when a writer selects a price. That price is determined solely by the writer.

No. Each Marketplace article is only sold once. Each article that you see listed in the Marketplace is brand new and never seen or used elsewhere. As soon as you purchase that article, it is immediately removed from our Marketplace for purchase and is solely yours.

Every article listed in the Marketplace has been reviewed by a Contentgather editor for uniqueness, grammar, content, and overall style or delivery. The editor will assign the article a rating on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Higher ratings mean better articles. Low ratings do not suggest that the article is poor, as we do feel that all articles in our Marketplace deliver value. We would never sell you an article that we did not feel delivered value.

Each approved article is assigned a rating by the Contentgather editor who reviewed it. This rating is on a scale of 1-10 and is visible next to the aricle before purchase, giving you an indication of what level of quality to expect before purchasing. Here is a general guide to what to expect out of our Staff Ratings:

  • 1 - 3 rating: The article may contain numerous grammatical mistakes and below average content, or substance, however we do still feel that the article delivers value.
  • 4 - 6 rating: This may contain a few obvious grammatical mistakes, and the content of the article itself will be beneficial.
  • 7 - 9 rating: Few grammatical mistakes and likely to contain very valuable and/or unique information.
  • 10 rating: This is reserved for only the best articles. You should expect to see very few, if any, grammatical mistakes, and the content inside of the article has been deemed to be excellent.

The Staff Rating is designed to remove uncertainty before purchase and also help you understand why some articles, containing seemingly similar content, may be priced differently than others. Do note that all articles are rated on the same scale, regardless of price. You may find articles with the same rating that are priced very differently. In this case, the Contentgather staff has determined that the articles are of relative equal value, however, the writers are demanding differing prices.

The "Value" that you see next to each Marketplace Listing is based on a combination of the article price and the staff rating. This calculated value is on a scale from 0-10, with 0 being the lowest value and 10 being the highest value. The highest value articles are going to be those with a high staff rating but are not too expensive.

There are two ways to monitor for new Marketplace listings. The first way is to simply browse the listings and look for the yellow "NEW" tag next to article titles. Any article with that tag next to it were recently added to the Marketplace.

If you would prefer to be notified directly when new articles are listed, you can configure your own Marketplace Alerts based on criteria that you are interested in. You can set up alerts for specific categories, keywords, writers, etc., and receive email notification when new articles are added that may interest you.

Custom Jobs / Custom Content Requests

When you are unable to find a pre-written article that fulfills your need in our Marketplace, you always have the option of submitting a Custom Job. A Custom Job provides the ability for you to describe exactly kind of content you need while specifying the price and writer talent/expertise that you desire as well. Your Custom Job is then sent to all eligible writers for any to pick up and deliver to you privately.

We offer extreme flexibility when it comes to pricing. We offer many different levels of writer expertise and tailor this for your campaign and budget. For details on pricing examples, check out our pricing information.

  • First, you submit your requirements here.
  • Eligible writers are notified, and each may claim 1 article at a time
  • Once claimed, a writer has the following amount of time to submit the requested content to you to review:
    Word Count Writer Deadline for Submission
    Less Than 1000 Words 8 hours
    1000 to 2000 Words 16 hours
    More Than 2000 Words 24 hours
  • You are given 72 hours to review each submission and either Approve, Reject, or request that changes be made. You will have an open and direct line of communication with the writer from start to completion.
  • Once you Approve or Reject the article, both you and the writer will be given the opportunity to rate each other based on your experience and work ethic
  • If you are not satisifed with what you receive, you can reject the article, and you will not be required to pay for it

Most Custom Job requests are complete and returned to the buyer within 24-48 hours. Turnaround time for a custom writing job largely depends on the complexity & requirements of the job and the pay being offered. More complex or restrictive requirements may extend turnaround time. Lower pay may as well. If, however, your requirements fit the pay being offered, turnaround time is often very fast. We provide turnaround estimations for you when you submit your request, based on your criteria.

Yes. You may send a Direct Hire offer to any of our writers by clicking the "Hire Me" button on their profile page to send them an exclusive offer.

Usage Rights & Licensing

All content available at Contentgather has been verified unique via Copyscape and other means. It is made very clear to our writers that any content listed on our website must be 100% unique and not available for sale elsewhere. All content that we sell at Contentgather is sold only once. After you purchase, that content is exclusively yours and will not be resold.

You retain full and complete ownership rights to any content that you purchase at Contentgather. This includes permission to redistribute, modify, or even claim as your own by labeling yourself (or another writer), as the author. The original writer may not use the article in any way, which includes redistributing, publishing, or displaying in a personal portfolio.

After you log into your Contentgather account, you will find all purchases on the left-hand side of your Dashboard with a link titled "My Purchases".

Payment Terms

We accept payments via all major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and some select banks and payment processors that partner with PayPal.

Any purchase less than $20.00 will incur a $1.00 fee. Purchases greater than $20.00 incur no fee.

For Custom Jobs, you only pay for content once you are satisfied with it. If our writer fails to deliver what you are looking for, you are given the opportunity to reject the article, and you will not be required to pay for anything.

For pre-written articles purchased in the Marketplace, refunds are not available. All Marketplace articles have been reviewed by a Contentgather editor on staff, and the article has been deemed unique and valuable.

Do understand that as soon as you complete your purchase, the content is immediately available to you in full, and it would not be fair to our writers to release their content to others and then not issue payment once the buyer has had an opportunity to review the content in full. At that point, the buyer is in possession of the content, and there is no way for the writer to ensure that it will not be released or utilized elsewhere. This is the only way that we can maintain such confidence in the uniqueness of our content.

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