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Title Author Words $/Word Price Staff Rating
Six Tips on Attending Your First Geeky Convention QuillAndInk 854 $0.02 $17.08 ★★★★★
Blade Runner 2049 Spoiler Review h2owater123 749 $0.04 $29.96 ★★★★★
5 Little-Known Pennywise Facts That May Appear In September’s It Movie Dustin Kemp 800 $0.03 $24.00 ★★★★★
The Threat of Individualism and How to Defeat It jsurtees 1493 $0.02 $29.86 ★★★★★
Anxiety and You: Apps to Calm Your Soul Micah 1027 $0.03 $30.81 ★★★★★
What's So Appealing About Watching A Let's Play? PRSoniam 423 $0.03 $12.69 ★★★★★
Top 5 Batman Villains (According to the Internet) Mirza 766 $0.02 $15.32 ★★★★★
Why Content Rating Systems Are All Flawed Beyond Repair CatSword 446 $0.02 $8.92 ★★★★★
Social Media: The Downfall of Human Interaction msh.grg 1036 $0.03 $31.08 ★★★★★
Fight Club: 18 Years On... Relevance and Application tcwaller 342 $0.03 $10.26 ★★★★★
Serenity: a love letter to Joss Whedon Alexander_Hamilton 963 $0.03 $28.89 ★★★★★
If I Stay Movie Reivew Becca 428 $0.02 $8.56 ★★★★★