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Title Author Words $/Word Price Staff Rating
The Paradox of The Young Pope bpbristor 532 $0.04 $21.28 ★★★★★
Permission to Stare: TLC Network as a Televised Sideshow sjgallow 1254 $0.05 $62.70 ★★★★★
Buying Guide: 5 Things Your New TV Should Have Daniel Writes 964 $0.03 $28.92 ★★★★★
Top Three Binge-Worthy Original Shows on Netflix and Hulu pevkay97 427 $0.03 $12.81 ★★★★★
Trek Through The Star Treks: A Quick Recap Of Each Star Trek Series JD 421 $0.01 $4.21 ★★★★★
Supergirl's Exodus Episode Tackles Issue of Forced Deportation tjessa 602 $0.02 $12.04 ★★★★★
5 Things That You Did Not Know About the Lucifer TV Series karencho 473 $0.03 $14.19 ★★★★★