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Carolyn Hurlbut

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I have been supplying my clients with writing, dictation, editing, and proofreading services since 2001. In the beginning, I focused on transcription. Today, I offer B2B and B2C SEO based content creation solutions in a wide variety of industries.

Whether its launching new websites or engaging an audience, I work hard to meet deadlines with fresh, relevant content. Blogs, blurbs, articles, product descriptions, web pages, bios, and personal stories all work together to bring businesses and their target market together. I supply the missing link that allows their employees to continue to support their day to day operations.

2016 Alison
English Writing Skills - certification
Business Communications - certification
Google Webmaster - certification

2002 Evergreen
Medical Office Procedures – certification

2001 BOCES
Medical Terminology and Coding-Continuing Adult Education – certification

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