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Student Budgeting Advice - 6 Ways to Make Money in College

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Description: This article is written for students and young adults, and provides a helpful guideline of how to decide how to make money as a student, as well as six practical ideas. These include a guide to freelance work as a student, how to find part-time jobs, and which money-making apps actually work.


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A-M Downes

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I recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a 2.1 degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. I am now working as a freelance writer in order to fund my upcoming Master's degree.

I have over half a decade of experience in professional writing, with several high-profile blogging clients and a successful long-term history on sites such as Upwork (formerly Elance). My work has been published both in traditional print newspapers and online blogs and magazines.

I can produce very high-quality, well-researched work in most areas, although I have produced my best work in creating a series of fiction and non-fiction instructional Ebooks for a publishing client, in producing blog posts on Politics, History and Science, and in writing website copy and advertisements.

I speak native English and German, can write to an excellent standard in either language, and have experience in translating between the two.

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