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Hi there! I am a Rutgers University Engineering student who has been reading and writing my entire life. I am a huge fan of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, as well as other classic authors, and am currently working on a novel. I'm extremely interested and knowledgeable in politics, history, movies, television, economics, and literature.

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Political Parties and America Politics $13.26 442 $0.03 ★★★★★
Object Ownership and Personal Identity Economy $15.48 516 $0.03 ★★★★★
How Americans Created and Accepted The Constitution History $12.03 401 $0.03 ★★★★★
The Future Belongs to the Most Effective Nations Politics $16.14 807 $0.02 ★★★★★
How the Loss of Liberty Affects a Society Politics $11.46 573 $0.02 ★★★★★
How Musical Film was Revived: A La La Land Review Movies $13.26 442 $0.03 ★★★★★