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Cheryl Salinas

50 - 59 years old
College/University Degree
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A speech writer and proofreader by trade, I've written regularly for the Chairman of a Washington, D.C. museum, and have published articles on a number of topics, most recently for a medical office. I'm the Author of three blogs concerning health and diet at Midlife. I pride myself on attention to detail and would welcome the opportunity for a custom assignment.

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How Incorporating Complementary Medicine Makes Scientific Sense Health & Medical $70.70 707 $0.10 ★★★★★
Aging and the Moment We Become Invisible Beauty $59.30 593 $0.10 ★★★★★
Composting: Why and How Plants & Gardening $50.76 846 $0.06 ★★★★★
What About Nightshades? Dieting $43.84 548 $0.08 ★★★★★